Battling cancer is one of the biggest fears people are currently facing. Thankfully, medical researchers did not give up on ensuring patients that they can fight back and conquer the disease.
This is one of the victory stories among many others who were able to battle and win against cancer. This story is of a mother and her son from the United Kingdom. They were both diagnosed with cancer and they fought the disease together for four years.

In 2016, Vici Rigby and her son, George, were both diagnosed with cancer within a few months of each other. Vici was diagnosed first with stage four Bowel Cancer, while her four-year-old son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

Vici was shocked to hear the seriousness of the diagnosis once the doctors talked it through to her. She didn’t think she would have much hope of recovering. The only thing she found happiness in was her family and two children, George and Jack. Only after four months, she was struck with another heart aching news. Her son, George, only four years old, was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia.

Vici told the writers from Worcester Acute Hospitals, that the news her little boy had cancer felt like a rug had been pulled from under her. But, the doctor’s assured her that her son has a higher possibility to beat cancer because it was at its early stages. However, it didn’t stop Vici and her family from praying for two miracles, for both Vici and George to come out cured. It became almost a daily routine for both Vici and George to get treatments for years, which included surgery and chemotherapy.

But all that was worth it, because after four years of treatment Vici and George were recently given the all-clear by the team of oncologists at Worcestershire Royal Hospital where both of them received treatment. It was Vici who got the all-clear first and then George was given the same just after a few months. You can see in this viral Twitter post, George ringing the hospital bell, which is an indicator that he is cancer FREE!

Worcestershire Acute NHS #StayHomeSaveLives@WorcsAcuteNHS

If you need a lift today, watch this…

Mum Vici and her son George were fighting cancer at the same time.

After 4 years, both have been given the all-clear and George rang our End of Treatment Bell to celebrate!4743:57 AM – Mar 5, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy69 people are talking about this

Big applause to the Worcestershire Royal Hospital! The couple, Vici and Jamie were both impressed by the hospital staff who were dedicated to their family and were with them trying their best throughout their dark phase. They worked hard to get George cured. The family had their part in it, to keep George motivated, giving him hope and showering him with a lot of TLC, while also driving a total of 350 miles which is a 7-hour ride to get George to his treatments.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to care for George and his family over the last three and a half years. George has been very brave throughout his treatment. We are in awe of George’s parents, Vici and Jamie, who have also shown immense resilience throughout his treatment,” she told the writers from Worcester Acute Hospitals.

At the end of the day, I hope this serves as a soothing story for your own loved ones who are fighting cancer. Miracles do happen kid. The medicine is now advanced and the dedication of doctors and nurses never fails. Keep your head held high, and do not give up, KEEP FIGHTING!

My cancer had already spread and when i googled it, it didn’t look good. And I couldn’t find any positive stories so it would be really nice to think that if anybody else out there has experienced cancer, it’s not always the death sentence and people do get better. – Vici Rigby



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