Currently, COVID-19 doesn’t seem to stop peaking to its highest numbers in infecting people around the world. Most countries like Italy and the USA have been hot spots for coronavirus. Every day the infection continues to rise, adding up more and more people to the infected list. This results in adding up more and more doctors and nurses. Also medical supplies. There is already a shortage of medical supplies and some of the doctors had died from coronavirus due to the shortage of protective masks and medical supplies.

However, fortunately, engineers at ISINNOVA made a smart move by teaming up with Decathlon and medical experts to convert full-face snorkeling masks into masks that can be connected to medical breathing machines that help those infected with the COVID-19 virus.

The world is in a crisis situation without Proper medical equipment!

It was Dr. Renato Favero, former head physician at the Gardiner Valtrompua Hospital that brought the idea to the Engineers Cristian Frascassi and Alessandro Romaiol of ISINNOVA, an Italian engineering company to help him solved the shortage of C- PAP masks, due to the drastic increase in COVID-19 pandemic.

Since Italy had a new record of deaths of 969 deaths in ONE DAY, the medical supplies have drastically fallen short. The masks are used by the hospitals in sub-intensive therapy. Dr. Favero wanted to a modified version of it, which he noticed a similar structure in scuba diver masks. He wanted to merge masks into one which also can be connected to a ventilating machine. 

Converting snorkeling masks into ventilation masks!

Italian engineering company ISINNOVA collaborated with Decathlon and doctors to make and test it

Decathlon (sporting goods retailer) was included in this project as an ideator, also as a supplier for Easybreath snorkeling mask. ISINNOVE then studied the CAD designs and made necessary modifications. He combined the design and 3D printings of the Charlotte and Dave valves—the connecting part between the mask and the breathing machine tubes.

Image credits: Cristian Fracassi
Image credits: Cristian Fracassi
Image credits: Cristian Fracassi
Image credits: Cristian Fracassi

You can go to their website, and you can see the prototype that was tested on one of their colleagues inside Chiari Hospital. Which became a success!. Once it showed success the hospital was soon enough to test the device on patients and is now requesting more of the new modified ventilation masks.

Image credits: Cristian Fracassi
Image credits: Cristian Fracassi
Image credits: Cristian Fracassi

Blueprints were made available for free of charge in order that hospitals could make their own on-demand in emergencies

A 5-step video tutorial

The blueprints and instructions are made available online for free of charges for hospitals to meet the shortage of medical masks. While C-PAP masks costs around €100, snorkeling masks from Decathlon can be bought for €25. Not only will this make things for the current pandemic but also the most inexpensive solution.

Only those who are specialists are allowed to print and assemble these masks. The masks are patented by ISINNOVA to prevent from any mala fide pricing. 


1. If improper air outtake is at present, it could get dangerous because the patient is at risk of getting excess carbon dioxide which could build up inside the mask.

2. Additional need of ventilators to move around to patients.

ISINNOVA warns that the masks should be used only if there is an absolute necessity to do so because the masks nor the link valves are certified.

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