The dog is claimed to be man’s oldest ally. Also, they function as great guardians. Here are some pictures that prove otherwise but in the most lovable way. 

 The owners would put up a symbol saying “beware of dog”, but little do they know their pup invites us over from their wiggling of the tail to their puppy eyes.

#1 check out that dangerous vicious face

#2 I’ll let him attack me anytime

#3 On the brilliant side, thank God they warned us, instead, we’d step on it

#4 Stay back! otherwise, you will get kisses

#5 I’ll take my chances

#6 watch out for request to pet

#7 More like, Please open the gate

#8 Nope I’ll never, but is it me or don’t they remind you of the Hyenas in Lion King?

#9 watch out for spending hours petting her

#10 Fear of melting into a puddle of happiness upon sight

#11 you may stop and adore for a little while and miss a very important appointment

#12 watch out for the infectious smile!

#13 I can see how an injury could happen. Tripping over myself rushing to offer them pats.

#14 Perhaps he’s standing on another dog…

#15 when you must grow into the sign.

#16 He will cause you to trip the steps apparently.

#17 This seems like the friendliest dog ever

#18 Just an enormous ol’ lap doggy

#19 Part dog, part bear

#20 Beware, laziness is often contagious!

#21 I’m scared

#22 This one is going to get some serious cuddles

#23 Chihuahuas the unsuspecting guard dog!

#24 Hi there burglar, Let’s be friends!

#25 Scooby dooby doo!!!

#26 I actually haven’t  seen the scary dog either mailman

#27 watch out for Floof!!

#28 Maybe it is a clever disguise

#29 Beware that beard, he might tickle you to death

#30 Wouldn’t dare go near that place…without treats!



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